The Sims Did Not Prepare Me for Real Life

What can waste away your day like none other? The Sims, of course.

I was twelve years old when my mom purchased a copy of The Sims at a yard sale. It quickly became the only video game I have truly ever enjoyed. And I had Harry Potter for my xBox. For those unfamiliar with what The Sims is, it basically is a computer game where you can manipulate the lives of people and build them houses and make them cheat on significant others and buy cool toys and make them go to jail and alter their appearances. So it pretty much made you God.

My love of The Sims has not died down, and probably never will. As a poor university student, I still found it in my budget to purchase myself a copy so that while I am procrastinating I can ruin simulated people’s lives at the same time. Ah, heaven.

So, on my recent rediscovery of my favourite game, I noticed several things about The Sims that misled me about what my life would be like. Several things that I was not prepared for by playing this game. And now, after having separating myself for several years, I can make a list of things that The Sims did not prepare me for as a young adult.

Reasons Why The Sims Did Not Write a Lifestyle Book

1. Making more friends does not make you advance in your job

Whenever you play the original The Sims before you can advance your career you have to fit certain requirements, usually involving making X number of friends. I’m sorry, but after entering the working world I can safely say that my friend count has never influenced how far I got in my career. Actually, I don’t think my employer asked me once how many friends I have at my interview. He most likely does not care. Therefore, why should little simulated people care if I have eight best friends before I can become a sushi chef? Continue reading

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Don’t Slurp Your Soup: A Guide to Fandom Etiquette

I am part of many a fandom as you all know, and because of that I am always on the internet searching for news about tv shows, movies, bands, books, etc. Because of this, I am always coming across amazing fan art, hilarious gif sets, and mildly inappropriate dreams of teenage girls. I love being in fandoms because the people are all bonding over a similar interest and everything is good!

Except for last night.

Last night I experienced something that made me almost physically sick. And as someone who does not involve herself in fandom drama because it is pointless, I have to take a stand now. I’m sorry, but what I experienced is not okay.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 11.42.35 AM

First off, the fact that this trended makes me ridiculously upset. No, this is not okay. At all. Ashton Irwin is a real person with real feelings and you cannot do that. Telling someone to harm themselves, whether they are famous or not, is the most inhumane thing you can do. And it’s deplorable. To anyone who used this hashtag, please get some therapy and get some major detox time. You obviously need an attitude adjustment. Second, this is unnecessary. If you’re upset with what someone does, take it up with them personally, do not hide behind your computer screen. And third, Ashton Irwin is a little piece of sunshine, so back off! Continue reading

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How to Organize Your Life

Life is messy.

With school, work, and other life events, actually keeping up with what is going on is almost impossible. But that’s why the good Lord invented organization. Organization is a life saver that makes the world go round. Some people use one form of planner to organize everything. Some people -me- use a bunch of planners to stay organized. And with my new term starting and with spring cleaning being a thing right now, I thought I would share with you what I think are the best forms of planners to stay on top of your busy life.

How to Organize Your Life – Results May Vary

1. Planner

Yeah, here's a preview of my birthday week. 18 Things I Learned at 18 will be up April 24th!

Yeah, here’s a preview of my birthday week. 18 Things I Learned at 18 will be up April 24th!

While I am a total technie, nothing beats an old-fashioned planner. I use the Gallery Leather Weekly Planner and it is really great. In my planner I put in non-time-specific events, flight information, penciled-in events, birthdays, and a few more things that aren’t set in stone. I like this layout because when I open my planner I can see my week at a glance with things that aren’t school or work. Continue reading

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Are You My Boyfriend?

“Are you my boyfriend?” I silently question the boy passing me as I walk to lecture.

This is a game I have been playing since I discovered what dating is. For anyone who knows me, you know my type. Lanky, brunette, and preferably with an accent. Of course, there are plenty of other boys out there that I have to keep my options open. Which means pulling out the boyfriend test whenever I encounter a member of the opposite gender.

Continue reading

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My College Blogging Rules

In 2012 I wrote a blog post about my blogging rules. While I wrote it to be a quick read while I was traipsing about Europe for a week, many found it very helpful for keeping up their own blogs. The information in that post was great for people who are just starting blogs or who have dedicated blogging as a job. However, in my current position at university, I have found that there are some blogging rules that definitely should be added to the list. I don’t have the time I used to, and the constant flow of work takes up some of my more creative idea time. Therefore, I have made a new list of rules that are great for people who have less time to blog, but who still love doing it and want to continue!

My College Blogging Rules

1. Write your posts beforehand

Blogging once a week is great, but let’s be real. Having actual time to sit down and write a decent blog post once a week doesn’t actually happen. We just have too many assignments and real life things going on. To make sure your posts come out once a week, and they aren’t written at 2am after you finish your term paper, write your posts beforehand. When I went to Europe I wrote two posts the week before that I could publish while I was traveling. Find a weekend or a free night and write a blog post or two. With me now taking on several more credits (and a 300-level course) along with general life things, writing a post before is going to save my life. As we speak I’m taking the hour between my morning classes and writing posts for the next month in case my schedule picks up even more. Writing beforehand is a genius idea, and I highly recommend it to you. Continue reading

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