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I find this post slightly better if you listen to The Bangles, so to make sure you fully appreciate this post, click this link to listen.

They say if you don’t develop healthy habits as you grow up, you won’t have them for when you’re older and wish you had those habits. This has been on my mind a lot lately. I have been neglecting some important health and lifestyle habits that I kind of wish I had more experience with as I now try to correct them. I thought I’d share with you my journey of revolting against my bad lifestyle choices.

As most people do, I struggle with my weight. I have a penchant for eating constantly (because I just really enjoy food) and I never caught on to the whole “be hot and sweaty and activity” phase as my brother has. And it’s something I’m going to fix.

I have spotty skin, which I’ve learned is not only a personal thing, but a genetic thing. Washing my face is something I’ve never enjoyed doing, and I’m trying to change it. Mostly because I’ve already gone to the dermatologist for years and I’d like to stop going completely. Plus pretty skin!

While I consider myself a productive person, I have been known to be the biggest couch potato in the world. I mean, why start organizing my room when I can take a nap? I definitely need to work on getting my bum up and getting even more accomplished. I mean, I have a lot of stuff going on *cough* blog renovation *cough*

So, now that we’ve established the lifestyle matters I need to revolt against in the hopes of improving myself as a person, let’s talk about how I’m revolting against them. Continue reading

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“5 Seconds of Summer” Album Review

OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS GUYS! It’s been a year of me anticipating this, but the 5 Seconds of Summer self-titled album is finally out! Released yesterday on iTunes, it’s been on replay on my iPod because it’s pretty much musical genius! From reading the articles the boys (4 talented Aussie boys) have put out, they have put so much effort into this album and it definitely shows. I’ve been looking forward to sharing this review because of how much I’ve anticipated this album being released. When it released (9pm PST for me) I was in a car and containing my enthusiasm was a bit difficult. I mean, I am an enthusiast, enthusiasm cannot be contained!

So, please join me as I listen to the 5SOS album and share my thoughts with you all. And make sure to buy it to support these hard working, talented boys (that I may or may not be seeing in 50 days) by purchasing their album here.

“5 Seconds of Summer” by 5 Seconds of Summer

1. She Looks So Perfect

Many music critics have called this song the perfect song for summer, and I would have to agree. It’s catchy, has that perfect amount of rock, and the lyrics make you second guess and laugh. What more do you need in a summer hit? American Apparel is probably feeling like hot patootie after their name drop in the song, and I know I now have the overwhelming need to wear a diamond ring and board a plane! This song is everything that is fun and young and emotionally angsty enough for anyone under the age of 25. (It’s also Morgan’s dad approved.)

2. Don’t Stop

Continue reading

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Enthusiasms Forever

If you have the absolute pleasure of knowing me in real life, you will know that I am singlehandedly bringing back the Jesse McCartney fandom.

I was about eleven when I discovered Jesse McCartney. My friends and I use to sing “Beautiful Soul” a cappella for anyone who would listen. When he was on “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody” my life was practically made. And now, eight years later, my dedication is still the same, to the point I find myself dedicating all my Spotify time to the singer. It goes to show that even though I’ve gotten older, my loves (enthusiasms) have stayed strong.

Jesse McCartney is only one of the many lifelong enthusiasms I have kept up. McFly, Logan Lerman, High School Musical, and Hilary Duff are all high on the list too. Sure, there are many enthusiasms I have grown out of (*ahem* Hannah Montana) but many of them have stayed around. That’s the thing about being an enthusiast, your enthusiasms become part of who you are. Continue reading

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My Summer Watchlist

If you didn’t know, during the summer I love to find a TV show and just binge watch it. Last summer, as I recovered from my first stress attack, I become dependent on Bones to entertain me on the long days after drawing blood and being dizzy. And this summer, despite the lack of medical testing, I am being the absolute same way. Although this year, it’s more than just one show that has my attention. So, in honouring the bond we share as blogger and reader, I am going to share with you what I consider the best shows to watch this summer. Trust me, you’ll thank me.

Royal Pains

Hank is fired from his ER job, and it’s lucky that he is now a concierge doctor for the Hamptons, helping out those with wacky illness with wacky amounts of dollars in their pocket. It is the best!

I just started watching it and I am hooked. I love Hank and Evan and Tucker. And considering Tucker is Ezra Miller I love him even more! This show is funny, and is accurately medical, and the plot line is just so interesting. I love stories about snobby rich people! My only issue is there are too many needles.  Continue reading

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Marrying Troy Bolton (A Q&A)

You guys sent me questions, I answered. And this time we got really personal and not personal and discussed plenty of celebrity action, so you know it will be a good one. Prepare for answers! (P.S. big announcement in one of the questions!)

What is your best tweet this week?

What is something that made you happy lately?

Twice this week I have been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger award and I am so honoured. To know that people find me inspiring out of all the options of bloggers to choose makes me feel so good about the content I am producing. A big thank you to Hannah and Arya!

Your blog posts have recently been more serious and on more controversial topics. Why the change?

There’s not really a reason. I’m posting more, which means I need more topics per week, and since I don’t like to write too many posts on the same subject I’m trying to branch out. I want to write about the things that matter, and sometimes those are the ones that are the least written about. So that’s kind of why the change happened. Continue reading

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