How to Tell a Boy You Like Him (Without Embarrassing Yourself)

Note: Results will vary.

So, due to the amount of comments and emails I keep on receiving due to How to Get a Boy to Like You (Without Him Noticing), I thought another post on a similar subject might be appreciated. I had a lot of people ask me about this particular subject, so I hope you like it!

Note: The third part of this series is now up: How to Tell if a Boy Likes You (And Other Real Boy Advice)

Now, in the traditional form of dating, the boy goes out of his way to court a girl before he tells her he likes her. Unfortunately, times change, people got hip with it, and that whole traditional form went out the window. Another way to put that is that, girls, if you want to date a guy, there’s a chance you’re going to have to make the move.

Now I know you’re all thinking, “OH MY GOD! I AM NOT MAKING THE FIRST MOVE! ARE YOU KIDDING?!? HE IS GOING TO LAUGH IN MY FACE!” And yeah, if you do just tap him on the shoulder and say, “Hey, I like you. Let’s date” he will laugh in your face and probably never talk to you again. Mostly because that’s really creepy.

How to Ask a Boy Out (Without Seeming Like a Creeper)


  • DO NOT ask him while he is around a group of friends. Ask him when he’s alone. The conversation should go sort of like “Hey, can you meet me in the library before school?”
    Getting him alone will let him know you mean serious business. And since his friends aren’t around you won’t have the distracting “You ready to go, mate?” thing going on.
  • Phrase it in a way that seems like it’s a mutual decision, not a command. “We should go out,” sounds like you are a Sultan and he is your slave. “I was thinking that, since we get along so well, we should go to Olive Garden on Friday,” sounds like fun. And like he’s not your slave.
    By just casually asking if he wants to go to dinner makes the start of  a relationship happen, and if he says yes, he’s basically laying it all on the table and saying, “Yeah, I like you too.”
  • Dress nicely when you do it. Seriously, if you ask him out when you are wearing holey jeans and a ratty sweatshirt, he’s going to take one look at how you take care of yourself and say no. However, if you’re wearing clean, intact clothes, you have a slightly higher chance he’ll say yes.
    If sounds funny compared to the stereotype of messy boys, but guys really do care if you look nice or not. He doesn’t want a girlfriend who looks like she’s never heard of a washer or a brush. He wants someone who knows how to put herself together so that she can take care of him too.
  • Look him in the eyes. It makes a big difference when you ask someone a question and you’re staring at their shoes than when you’re looking at their eyes. (A tip: If you have trouble making eye contact, stare at the space between their eyes. It looks exactly the same.)
    A guy wants to connect with you, so give him one. Eye contact is the easiest way to let him see that you really like him and think you’d make a great couple.
  • Be yourself. Yeah, we’re going to get mushy here, but really do be yourself. When you ask someone out, you need to give them the real you. Not the girl you wish you were or the girl you think he’d like better than you. If he’s going to date you, then show him who you really are. A good relationship is a truthful relationship.
    By just letting all your (cute) little quirks get in the middle of your conversation, he’ll see what a genuine person you are and be excited that such a great person is asking him out!

And those are my tips on asking a boy out! I hope they are helpful to you on your endeavors into the world of dating. If you just calmly say, “Hey, I really like you. Would you like to go bowling on Saturday?” chances are there could be a relationship brewing. Please leave in the comments if these tips worked for you or any other questions you might have on this topic.

Also, something I thought of! If this, or my last post on the topic, helped you snag your little boyfriend, send me an email at of a picture of you two. I would love to see the happy couples I’ve helped create!

So yeah, there’s that. I wanted to thank you all for reading because what I’m doing here, this whole blogging thing, it’s what I love most about my life. I love blogging and reading your comments and just getting to know these great people just through my writing. Thank you all for just being the best audience ever!


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165 thoughts on “How to Tell a Boy You Like Him (Without Embarrassing Yourself)

  1. Shreyas Atre says:

    Nice! I like the tip of looking in the middle of the eyes. Effective in any situation! :D

  2. Jillian says:

    Not on the lookout for a bf – but I love the advice you give! All true :)

  3. Lisa Anthony says:

    The guy i like is someone who hasn’t shown any interest in me other than a few glances here and there. We went to middleschool together and now where in highschool. So i don’tknow if it’s too late

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love jade

  5. Madi says:

    I like your advice! But I need help!
    Everytime j like a guy, I can never tell him (I am scared of rejection) and I am in high school. Well I get this stupid idea to text the guy from an unknown number and tell him. And It alway causes problems and is creepy! How can I stop this vicious cycle? And ht can I do to get out of it if i do it again?

    • Morgan says:


      Yikes! You’ve got quite the problem. I completely understand the fear of rejection (you are talking to the girl who only applied to universities she had a fair share of getting into.) What you have got to do is completely stop using that number (it’s super creepy) and actually go up to the guy and tell him how you feel. It’s literally the only way to make this better.

      Hope I’ve helped!


  6. Briar says:

    You had really good advice here morgan,but me and my crush are really shy-especially around each other.The guy i like is 16 and i’m 15,and we have known each other for almost six years and he is a friend of the family.I have liked him for years and im so shy that i haven’t made a move yet.Could you offer any suggestions for a shy girl that likes a shy guy?

    • Morgan says:


      Did you know that 90% of the people who comment are shy? I am also shy. I’m so shy that when I tell people that I like someone their first reaction is to say, “You like him? You barely even look at him.” True story.
      If both of you are shy, the trick really is to just talk. You don’t have to say you like him, but just talk. Bring up a mutual band you like or something. Get talking and while you are talking, touch his arm as if by accident or flip your hair over your shoulder. The best is to bite you lip. That trick is super attractive on both genders. Those are the best ways to initiate this kind of thing without being really forward.

      Hope I’ve helped!

    • Hideaki says:

      I read your blog all the time. I check it on a regular basis. Then I think of my blog and how your life seems so much more exticing than mine. Keep writing! I will comment more. Usually I just laugh or cry right along with you!Love, Bonnie

  7. Anonymous says:

    I really like someone but I’m worried about them because when they smile they’re eyes are sad and it’s like they are upset about something. What do i do?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I like someone but I think they might be upset sbout something. i want to help them but im too shy. what do i do?

  9. Amari says:

    I like a boy ( I’m in middle school ) and sometimes I find him looking at me but then when I look at him he looks away and I’m not even sure anymore if he was looking at me or in my direction. Me and him are really good friends and I don’t want to ruin our friendship or anything. But I like him and he might like me too. Another problem is that I have another good friend that’s good friends with the the first guy I like and I like him too! What do I do?!

  10. Sasha says:

    I like a boy like really bad from grade grade 10 now. I day dream about him….im slightly taller than him how do i expres ma self!!! I need help

    • Morgan says:


      Wait, so are you in Grade 10 and he’s in Grade 7 or are you both in Grade 10 and you’ve liked him since Grade 7? That’s a question I just would like clarified.

      And I’m going to give you the same advice I give everyone who asks me this question: Talk to him. Just strike up any old conversation. I know it’s scary but there isn’t any magical buzzer that makes him notice you.

  11. Nevaeh says:

    Hey I just wanted to say thank you. There was a boy I liked and I think I wil finally talk to him. Thanks😄

  12. i feel hopeless in the situation that i am in, idk what to do. i am 19 this guy is 24. he used to party with my older siblings and hung out with my cousin, i saw him at my cousins funeral this past week and idk what happened i all of a sudden had feelings for him. im scared of rejection always have been. idk what to do. i just feel like there is no way to tell him without making a fool of myself. hes in rehab right now so i guess i have sometime but im hopeless, help?

    • Morgan says:


      In my opinion, a relationship with him sounds like bad news. Find someone who isn’t in rehab. It sounds like that would be best for you.

  13. Ella says:

    I have a friend that I really lke! I act as if were going out secretly. I am worried if I tell him I like him he might spread a roumor around the whole school!!!! I have discreetly asked him of he liked me and he said no but it was on a note so he could of lied! We hang out alot and I think he likes me but I don’t know!!! Lately he has been getting more and more talkive to me and closer. my question is, how do I know if he likes me or how do I ask him out without him telling everyone or him telling his best friend and his best friend telling?

    • Morgan says:


      I guess the best thing to do is to ask if he likes someone very discreetly. In conversation mention that so-and-so is attractive or something and slip in and ask if he likes anyone. If he likes someone else, he’ll probably say, and if he says he doesn’t, it either means he doesn’t or he likes you. If he blushes rather profusely it’s because he likes you.

      • Ella says:

        Well I asked him if he likes me and he said no but it wasn’t a normal reaction he goes really weird around me!!! What do I do!!!!!!

        • Morgan says:

          Let him be and if he comes up to you again, it means he likes you.

          • Ella says:

            Ok he does that all the time!!! What do I do like I think he likes me but then I think he likes someone else

            • Morgan says:

              If he says he doesn’t say he likes youmyoumjust have to wait it out. There isn’t much else to do.

              • Ella says:

                Ok I get that and really thx for helping me but it just makes me sad cus’ I really like him! But I kind of didn’t mention this because it’s only just came up…….. Well I mentioned his friend, ever since I have been hanging out with the guy I like his friend has been acting really werod around me too! But this reaction is more of the ‘trying to get my attention and smiling’ sort of thing! I know Must be borthering you but my mum doesn’t care and my dad isn’t open to walking about this stuff. Your my only hope Morgan! Help me!!

  14. Cc says:

    Hi, I’m a rising sophmore this year and I think I ruined my friendship with my previous crush by confessing. We’d been friends since the very first day of school he and I sat next to each other. He always took my things and teased in a matter in which i thought he’d like me back. He use to stare at me often even when I caught him. We spoke less and lost contact when our seats were rearranged. Then as a confession I drew him and the things I liked about him. I’m an artist. In the note it said of me liking him but i hesitated and said it stopped. I followed by asking him to burn it after reading. Stupid yes I’m aware. Months later he still never spoke again till last weeks of school I wrote sorta a love/goodbye letter to him and showed it in person uploaded in my kindle. It spoke of my feelings for him and why i shyed away. No respond was ever given after that. My question is how do i respond to seeing him again after all the foolish things I’ve done and how to act? Did I mess up by confessing too soon? School starts in September. He may be my classmate once again. I apologize for the length of this message. Thank you.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I’m 11 and going into 5th grade. I really like a guy and lots of people say I’m too young to have a boyfriend, and others say I need one. Am I too young to ask my dream guy out?

    • Morgan says:


      No offense, but at 11 you really should be hanging out with your friends. If you like someone, go ahead and say something, but enjoy being 11 and spending time with your girls. There’s time for boys later.


  16. Emma says:

    I’m 11 and lots of people say I’m too young to date but there is a guy I really like. Am I too young to ask a boy out, and should I?

    • Morgan says:


      You’re 11 and in my opinion you should spend time with your girls. There’s plenty of time to be with boys later. But if you’re really into one, go ahead. But if you’re not, hold out a few years.


  17. Cc says:

    My question was never answered. I’m deeply dissappointed.

    • Morgan says:

      Well excuse me Cc but I actually did. Days ago. Here was your answer.


      Hi! Thanks for your message. I’m sorry this is happening to you, it doesn’t sound fun. My advice is to just go up to him and lay all the cards on the table. Avoid the awkwardness that is going to inevitably happen by just getting it out of the way. He’ll say how he feels and if he doesn’t feel the same, you can just go forwards. We all make mistakes when we’re that young, and the best thing to do is to take the mature action.


  18. Shannon says:

    i liked someone but he moved…

  19. Memorie says:

    Hi Morgan…
    My name is Memorie…
    I am 14 and I am in the boys and girls club…
    a few weeks ago I went to my first day of boys and girls club…
    I met this Wonderful Guy And I don’t know if it is too early to start talking to him like you have told others to…
    Is it too early??

    • Morgan says:


      Hello! It is never too early to talk to someone! And by being the first one to break the ice, you seem confident and boys find that very attractive.
      Hope I’ve helped!

      Morgan xx

      • Memorie says:

        you have and tomorrow i go back to the boys and girls club and yesterday i was flirting with him and the next time he came up to me he was behind me and he tickled me! (on the side)
        one question though… does that give a hint that he likes me?
        thx for all your help

        • Morgan says:


          It might mean he likes you! Usually boys that haven’t known a girl for too long tickling them means that he likes the girl.

          • Memorie says:

            how do I tell him I like him back?
            Do I say it when hes alone or when hes with his friend or do I tell his friend first? #help

            • Morgan says:


              I’d give it a week or two to just spend time with him. Then you can go along saying you like him and such. And when you do, DO NOT TELL HIS FRIENDS. Get him alone in a neutral, natural setting (such as when you two are alone already, not when you’re pushed everyone away) and then tell him.

              • Memorie says:

                What happens if he makes the first move? What happens if he says he likes me and what do I tell him?

                • Morgan says:


                  If you like him, you say, “I like you too” and take it from there. If you don’t, say, “I’m flattered but I don’t feel the same.”
                  And if he makes a movie (kissing, hugging, etc.) do what feels natural to you (kiss/hug back, push him off, etc.)

  20. Memorie says:

    what if i just say it in a note will that work? #lovenotes

  21. Anonymous says:

    I’m 13 and I really like a guy, but I’m afraid to tell him because I don’t want to ruin our friendship. What do I do?

  22. Memorie says:

    Hi,Morgan its me again!!
    I would like to let you know that he was flirting with me and so was his friend and they both hugged me goodbye today and we were playing truth or dare and one of them asked me which one of them i would date…
    well, i said i would have to think about that one and the boys reaction was: have you ever kissed a guy?
    i said: no
    both of them said at the same time:
    we can change that!
    i totally FREAKED out when i got home!! What should i do?

    • Morgan says:


      Geez girl, you are in every girls dream situation! First off, do you also like the friend? Because if you do you should back off for a while because getting in a love triangle can be messy. If you don’t, I suggest pulling the boy you like aside and saying that you like him. He’s made his intentions pretty clear.

      Hope I’ve helped and keep me posted! What I wouldn’t do to be in your shoes!

      • Memorie says:

        thanks! I do not like tthe other guy…
        i would give him a chance if he asked me out but i do not like him in that way! Thank you Morgan!
        Talk To You Later!

  23. Memorie says:

    Hi Morgan, Me Again,
    Problem: the friend asked me out!!
    He asked me and i told him that i liked him as a friend earlier today then while i was at the boys and girls club he asked me

    him: would you go out with me?

    I didnt know what to say i have never
    been asked out…I have always made the first move but, it never worked!!
    now im stuck!!
    i don’t know how to say no without hurting him!!!!!!! #plzHELP!!
    *gasp for air*
    sorry for such looong note!!

    • Morgan says:

      Say that you only see him as a friend but you are flattered. Be polite as rejection is hard but make it clear that he is only a friend in your eyes. Don’t say anything about liking someone else

      • memorie says:

        I also found out that the first guy (that i liked) already likes a girl her name is marley!
        Should I back off???
        I dont wanna mess our friendship up!! but the friend wants to go out with me!!

        • Morgan says:


          Okay, I’m going to try my hardest here. This isn’t the most perfect advice, but bear with me!

          In all honesty, don’t go out with the friend. 1) Leading people on is wrong and 2) If you do, the guy you like might think you like his friend and never be interested.
          As for the Marley situation, I don’t think you should back off. I think that you should do everything you’re already doing. Time will only tell how this is going. As I don’t know any of them personally, this advise is purely my own take.


  24. Lyla says:

    Ok so this guy I like I have known since 7th grade and we are in 8th now and he’s always teased me and this year he hugged me like a bunch if times every day so people think we’re dating but we aren’t and he wants to be an actor and he got his friends to tell me he likes me but that kind of puts me under pressure because I don’t want to be embarrased. Is he acting??

  25. tory says:

    Hi I like this boy in a higher year we’ve talked and hes smiled at me but my other friends like him aswell …. I dont know how I could ask him out without hurting my friends and making myself embarrassed
    .. help me plz im stuck !

  26. phoeniss says:

    other ideas. sit next to the boy. it doesn’t matter where (in class, at lunch, library, before school, after school, on the bus. write him a note on paper. (not only will he know for sure, but he’ll have a keepsake from you.) get a friend to tell him (even better if it’s one of his friends). hold his hand. this may seem really scary, but it’s a lot less scary than doing something he might take the wrong way, like sitting in his lap. tease him a little. just a little, don’t do anything trampy like hanging on him or sexting, not only will it reflect badly on you, it could get you into big trouble.
    i was in school too.

  27. Kiley says:

    I loved your advise!
    But I don’t know if it will help a 11 year old girl that likes another 11 year old boy I really like him but we used to go out but we broke up because he started to be a bus rider and we could never really see each other
    So since we’re in the same class now I want to try to date again and he still has feelings for because I can just tell, but he hasn’t asked me out yet so I’m trying to think of a way to do that but I don’t want to make it awkward and weird and stuff like that so what do I do?!

  28. Isabel says:

    I am 13
    .There is a boy I really like and he liked me but he suddenly stared saying mean things to me over kik. I told his mother got him banned from his ipod for a few weeks. He said sorry to me using my name. I thought there was no chance for us but then his friend who catchs my bus started saying things about him to me like if he asked you out would you say yes. I don’t know if he still likes me or not.

  29. Isabel says:

    Hi it’s me again
    The boy I like goes to another school
    But he used to catch my bus and I got butterflies so much and he would blush
    Then our bus became to full so they moved him to another bus
    I really like him and we talk on kik but don’t see each other except through the bus window
    Like I told you before his friends ask me questions
    What should I do because I really like him

  30. Kate says:

    Hey I am a girl, and I have liked this guy since the 4th grade, and now I am in 7 th. I have his number, and we ride the same bus, but I can’t ever talk to him.

    • Morgan says:


      Hello! I suggest to find creative ways to talk to him. I obviously do not know you personally and don’t know your schedule, but I suggest maybe going out of your normal way and routine in an attempt to talk to him.

      • Kate says:

        Thanks for advice, and I also got advice from a friend. Since we r in the same class, I text him through school text, not personal. Anyway thanks for answering :)

  31. Kate says:

    Hey it is me again, so I say I was going to ask him to hangout with me, and a few othe people. Where would be a good place to go.
    Like outdoors, or indoors,I have no idea.
    I you can give me some ideas that would be great, but I you can’t that’s ok.
    So thanks again for answering my question, it has really helped :)

  32. Rin says:

    Hey, I have liked a guy for awhile(like,for about 2 years) now, but just realized it within the past couples of months. I’m am worried to tell him though. We usually just communicate over the internet,because he’s actually in the military. I want so badly to tell him how I feel, but I am too scared. What should I do?

  33. Julia says:

    Hi i’ve like this one guy that was in the same class with last year but im too shy to tell him beacause he is always around friends and i would be too embaressed to tell him please help

  34. Ella says:

    Hi Morgan!(Its me agian with an update and seeking some more advice)

    So I took your advice and it turned out another boy had liked me for quite a while! Ever since we told each other its been great! were in our third week now and he has started to get really clingy! You see none of my friends know yet so were trying to just act like friends but maybe just a little more than friends! Anyway so he has started say “hey” oto me every time I see him and he always sits near me! please help me Morgan!He said that he is going to ask me to be his girlfriend in the holidays but I want to tell him to be not as clingy before than! The holidays are in 6 weeks. HELP ME MORGAN WHAT DO I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Ella says:

    cool thank I will tell my friend! I will let you know on Monday how i go with the situation I am in Thanks!

    From Ell

  36. Anonymous says:

    Im a guy in middle school. A couple of years ago i asked out this girl and i got rejected. Recently ive been catching her staring at me, alot. She gets all nervous when i go near her, but suddenly she just stopped. Do u think she lost interest or do u think she thinks i dont like her( im shy she may have been taking my reactions wrong)

    sorry for bothering u but it was making me loose sleep.Thanks!

    • Morgan says:


      You are not bothering me. In my opinion, she probably thinks you aren’t interested and that made her lose interest. No girl wants to chase a guy who isn’t into her. My suggestion is to catch her eye and smile. Show her that you have interest. It’s the simplest way to do it.

      Hope I’ve helped!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Thanks! That helped a lot.

  38. Anonymous says:

    this guy lives in Michigan we Skype each other and it has been a while we r like friends. I came out to like him what do I do or tell him! help me!

  39. anonymous says:

    help pls! So the story is that i really like this guy in my math class. He’s super smart, good looking, funny, and i sat next to him for about a month at the beginning of the year and we became pretty good friends and even began walking to our class together. So after a month we switched seats and i realized that i liked him, A LOT. Ever since then, the only time that we really get to talk to each other is during the minute we spend walking together to class and one or two occasions where he walked me to my bus stop and waited until it came. Other than that I dont talk to him at all even though i want to and i try to act “cool” and be discreet so whenever i see him during passing period i pretend as if i didnt notice him. I also dont even have his # and talk to him on fb ( but im super paranoid so i only send him msgs asking what the math hw is :( ). I thought that he liked me because everytime we talked he seemed to be having a lot of fun and we spent a bunch of time laughing like maniacs and i see him staring at me every now and then, not to mention once when i passed by one of his friends ( who i dont even really know) he yealled out ” hey it’s blank’s girlfriend!” but due to previous experience I kept myself from getting my hopes up too high and reading too much into everything. So it’s almost the end of the semester and i found out that he’s not gonna be in my class next sem. b/c he’s joining baseball and i was pretty bummed about that b/c he’s 2 years younger than me O.O so if he leaves this class we’ll probably never talk again since he’s always with his friends and we don’t have any other classes together. So the other day i got contacts and later that night he messaged me on fb asking why i didnt have my glasses and after we have a casual conversation until he suddenly asked me if i wanted to go get starbucks with him. I told him sure but about 5 minutes later he messaged me back saying he couldnt go b/c he cant find his gift card o.o. NOOOOOOO~ . I told my friends and they said not to read too much into it just in case. Basically, do you think he likes me? I wanna tell him i like him but im afraid he wont feel the same way and his friends are gonna find out and ill look like some freaky cougar. I’ve also been trying to get clues here and there about whether or not he likes me and i wanna take the chance of messaging him and asking why he asked me to starbucks when he had a billion other friends to go with.Does he like me? What do i dooooooo~??? BTW sry this is super long but i felt like i had to put every detail i could recall. thankss

    • Morgan says:


      Wowza! I think he likes you, but is nervous to say anything because of the age difference. Don’t go right out and say you like him, but like he did with Starbucks, ask him out for something seemingly casual. Ask him on facebook if he’s seen some movie, and if he hasn’t, you should suggest you go together! It’s also a good way to get his number and to see each other more if you won’t have class together next term (by the way, baseball – tres sexy) and continue from there. Find a way to make more of a connection.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

      • kim920 says:

        oh my goshhhhh, thanks for the reply but Im really really shy when it comes to asking people out on a date or anything of the sort :( . Also do you think I should ask why he asked me out for starbucks? (b/c like I said earlier w’re not that close outside of math class and he has a bunch of other people he could go with). Im also conflicted because even though we talk and everything he spends a lot of time with his friend during class and doesn’t approach me too often and not to mention he’s really nice to everybody not just me. Also,lately we havnt been walking together and havent spoken to each other after he asked me out :(

        • Morgan says:


          Here’s the deal: He probably assumes you aren’t interested at this point. And you’re not asking him out, you’re making it seem completely platonic. Seriously, go message him and be like, “Have you seen Catching Fire?” and if he says no, you go, “Me either. We should go see it, I’ve heard it sounds good.”
          Or make the move to walk with him to class. Just see him when you’re walking and be like, “Hey stranger!”
          Honestly, just make it seem friendly. He’s probably shy because you are older and he tried asking you out and it didn’t work.

          Hope I’ve helped!
          Morgan xx

  40. ashley says:

    So I have a dilema.theres this guy I like we’ll actually I’ve known him my whole life because he used to hang out with my brother.we recently started talking but just as friends.i don’t know if he likes me or not but I’m scared to tell him because I don’t want him to just completely stop talking to me.what do I do????

    • Morgan says:


      This post is kind of my only tips I have on what you’re asking. I would follow this tips the best way you can for your situation. And if you don’t want to say anything outfront about your feelings, I would just casually ask him if he likes anyone and go from there.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

    • Ella says:

      Hey ashley!,

      I may sort of be taking over morgans job (sorry morgan) but I have somthing that can help. I was once in the same situation and now after a long time of waiting he is now my boyfriend! look if you really feel as though your close to him ask him if he would keep and secrect and not tell anyone! ask him to promise and then ( if or when you are privet) tell him you like him! Then ask him if he likes you back. if he says no but talks to you the next day that might mean he likes you. if so the next day, tell him that he can tell you anything and then ask him if he like you again!
      hope this helps!
      p.s Morgan would there be anyway we could get in touch so that I could talk to you about possibly helping uyou in this site as I to would like to be a jounalist and also do photography. If you give me you email I can send you a sample if you give me something to write aboput

  41. Well, I like this guy, he’s my year and I have tech lessons with him (home ec, graphics, systems and resistant materials) and he always go’s out of his way to help me… But he’s also considered a popular where as I’m kinda considered a trouble maker and have had a lot of issues with bullying. I’m not exactly pretty either and all his friends hate me because I got the main leader of the gang in trouble for sexual assault. I’m worried if I ask him out hell laugh in my face or something. I’m 13 and only have a little experience…

    • Morgan says:


      If you like this guy, I think the best you can do is to go out of your way to invite him to something that isn’t in school. If he agrees, then I think it is safe to ask him out. But if he doesn’t, or seems uncomfortable that you asked, maybe it is best to back off. Try that and see what happens.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  42. Emma says:

    Hi Morgan,
    I like a guy who’s in my year. We have almost every lesson together and we sit next to each other in everything. We have become really good friends and I can’t tell if he likes me or not. He has some really immature friends and they are very childish when it comes to liking people. My best friend liked one of them and they told almost everyone in our year. But anyway, I am too shy to tell him that I like him because all his friends will tell everyone. I think he likes me back but I’m not too sure. I also have a feeling that he likes my best friend. It worries me that if we ever went out, it would spoil our relationship and we will never become friends again. He is quite popular though. I put a photo on Instagram of a quote aiming it at him but not saying it and he said thanks, so what is that all about? Please can you tell me what to do in this situation. Also he is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc

    Emma xxxxxxxxx

    • Morgan says:


      It sounds like there are a lot of mixed signals going on right now. I know it’s scary to face the fact that you might be teased, but I believe you need to say how you feel for any confusion to be alleviated. I don’t know this guy and what he is thinking, so I think the best thing to do is to talk to him, and if you are really worried about him saying something, just say, “Can we keep this between us?” because it truly is a private thing between two people.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  43. shalom says:

    im 14nd ive known dis guy 4 some yrs now.we lost contact but later found ourselves on a socialnetwork im in lov with dis guy but i dont know how to tell him that i would like to meet him .pls help

  44. shalom says:

    im ready to tell the guy i love him, but how do i say it on a social network.

    • Morgan says:


      There really isn’t an appropriate way to tell someone you love them on a social network. I’m not exactly sure how to help you out. Sorry. Social networking, and a relationship over the internet, is a little hard to work with.


  45. Hey Morgan,
    I have a problem. I like a guy who kinda knows I’m there in a way since we both share an english class, but we never talk. I don’t know when I started liking him, but I get a tight feeling in my chest and butterflies in my stomach if I’m even near him. I want to talk to him, I really do but I have bad social anxiety issues that makes me “over think” most things in my life (cause from bulling in elementary and middle school) I cant even think of confessing to him without thinking of him telling his friends and laughing or most of the negative stuff.

    I have spent a week wanting to give him a love letter I prepared but I make immediate steps back when I even get to his locker. My friend suggested just leaving the love letter and my phone number inside his locker but wouldn’t be creepy or am I just over-thinking this?

    how exactly can I tell a guy i like him without creeping him out as an almost total stranger?

    • Morgan says:


      Hey! Thanks so much for your comment. As someone who also has major social anxiety issues, I completely understand where you are coming from. So I will try my very best to help you!

      First, don’t leave him a letter. It just…it’s not good. Instead, just go up to him sometime when he’s at his locker. You might not chat much, but create the opportunity. If he spends time at his locker after school, try to hang out there checking your phone a few lockers down. Then catch his attention and smile and repeat several times. Then go up to him one time and ask him if he understood the english assignment. Or when you leave english class and happen to walk out near him, catch his attention and ask him if he understood the book you are reading. Or, a personal favorite of mine, “accidentally” drop a pencil near him. When he goes to pick it up, rush to grab it yourself and instant conversation starter. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to drop it. I can be so clumsy. I promise to not throw pencils at you anymore.” he’ll laugh because of how harmless it is and you can find your in.

      But yeah, try to create conversation.

      Morgan xx

  46. Jasmine says:

    So, I really like this boy in my class and we’re like REALLY good friends. A few days ago he asked out this girl named Ashley and she hasn’t confirmed it yet. But today last period rumors went around that she said no. He still believes it and if it isn’t true I want to tell him how I feel A.S.A.P!
    Problem is, I’m SUPER shy when it comes to talking about relationships. I can’t tell him to his face because I’m really scared of being rejected. (By the way I can’t ask him for dinner or anything outside of school!) So how should I tell him, I’m super nervous and I really need advice on this.
    And also a lot of his good friends have been asking me if I like him and he’s right there so naturally, I say no. I’m scared that my immediate “No” got to him.
    Sorry I wrote a novel! But can you help me?!
    Thanks c:


    • Morgan says:


      So, upon reading your message, I basically got that you like a guy who’s into someone else. But don’t let that discourage you, as feelings change.
      My suggestion is to not tell him how you feel if the Ashley thing is still in the works. If they work out, leave it alone, if they don’t, don’t touch it for a few weeks. If you do it now it won’t go across very well. And when you do tell him, the best way is to do it in a setting you feel comfortable in.
      As for your immediate “No,” I think that you should take it with a grain of salt. He probably understands that it was an uncomfortable situation.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  47. Memorie says:

    Hey morgan, It’s me Memorie.
    I see you put a “post comment”
    button up. Lols.
    It turns out that he didn’t go
    through my purse after all.
    but, I kinda wanna tell him that I
    like him, but I’ve been hearing
    things from my friends that he has a
    girlfriend in highschool but,
    I don’t believe it. I kinda don’t want
    to. yesterday, as I told you he -said-
    that he went through my purse but,
    He’s been acting strange around me.
    And He might have overheard my
    friend and I talking about well..him.
    I think thats why hes been acting strange. but, then again there
    also may be another reason I can
    think of….

    • Morgan says:


      Honestly, I think you should just ask him if he is seeing anyone. Start the conversation. See what he says from there and then make whatever move you deem appropriate.

      Morgan xx

  48. Memorie says:

    well, okay but, today we had a
    concert (we’re both in concert choir
    together.) and I had a solo and
    I kinda messed up in front of
    EVERYONE and I felt like I screwed
    EVERYTHING up. I cryed and then,
    when we were done singing
    (I have this really good talent of
    crying and singing…I guess…)
    he was THE ONLY one (AND THE
    FIRST) who was comforting me.
    and when I was done crying, I felt
    his shoe kinda “pet” mine…
    you know?
    (It felt akward but, nice.)
    And Then he playfully teased me.
    Then, he asked me if I was okay.
    I said yea.
    what I wanted to say was…
    Of course I’m okay I got you!
    but, there were hundreds of people
    around me. and plus my grandpa was
    there and yea. he doesn’t agree with
    my choice of boys. my grandma does
    though. so, my question is:
    Is the “petting” and Jokingly teasing a sign That he might like me?

  49. Jillian says:

    I like this guy and I used to sit next to him and he would like touch me (Arm next to arm, leg touching) and we used to talk and play around but now if I don’t talk to him , he doesnt talk to me, and whenever we see eachother we look like were about to say something but just glance and move on. Please help :)

    • Morgan says:


      He might feel that you don’t reciprocate the feelings. I would suggest going out of your way to talk to him to bring back the old feelings.

      Morgan xx

  50. Brooke says:

    Please, HELP ME!!!!!!! I like this guy, and its complicated…….. We were friends at the beginning of the school year, then I liked him, then I didn’t. Then my friend like him, and she asked him out ( she’s SOO much better at this things) and he said no…….. And I’m afraid if I tell him, then I’ll be rejected. And my friend keeps saying “TELL HIM!” We get along and everything, I think he likes me, cause there are subtle glances, but I’m not an expert!!!! I just need help.

    • Morgan says:


      I think you should tell him. It seems very awkward, but it is a good way to get everything out in the open, and if you feel that he likes you, it’s a great way to get things started! But start with a very casual get together, like asking to get coffee or to join you on a trip to the shops.

      Morgan xx

      • Ella (from enthusiast advice) says:


        Hello, its Ella.
        I thought I might be able to help with you situation…
        firstly, Morgan is right and so is your friend you need to tell him but don’t do this straight away. As Morgan said invite him out for coffee or to the mall and get to know him better and connect. Trust me I know it is scary telling a guy you like him ( I have done this before) but most of the time even though he might not like you back, it brings you a lot closer! But even when you tell him you need to (as Morgan once told myself) you need to wait it out! I waited a year for a guy who I told I like to admit he had feelings for me the whole time… and now he is my boyfriend.
        good luck
        Elle xx

  51. rachel roustoby says:


  52. Memorie says:

    The boy that I was talking about last
    time…well, I told him. but, HE SAYS
    I do act nervous and a little shy
    around him (and my (and his) friends
    say that I blush around him and
    laugh ALOT)
    And one of my friends asked him if
    he liked me and he said yes but ever since then hes been avoiding me…
    I wonder whats going on in
    that cute little mind of his?!
    My Question should I go for it????

    • Morgan says:


      GO FOR IT! You go up to that boy and you say, “Hey, I like you. Wanna go out?” And I promise you results shall happen.

      Hope I’ve helped,
      Morgan xx

      • Memorie says:

        I will! but, I can tell you this my heart skips a beat when I see him
        or talk to him during school.
        ONE question though. What if he asks me out first? I mean I know
        I obviously say yes but, like then

  53. Anonymous says:

    i am 11 and i like a boy he is younger though he is mature and my friends think i am crazy but i just got through with this jerk and i feel like i need someone i need help i think he likes me he has asked me too come to his b-ball games and stuff im confused can anyone help me ?

  54. Memorie says:

    I need Major help!
    He likes Me and Another girl..
    But he also says hes confused
    I want to tell him I am too.
    Should I?
    The other girl that he likes
    used to be my best friend and then I moved and lost contact and blah.
    so yea. What Do I Do???

  55. Isabelle says:

    I have this boy I reeeeeaaaallllly like. But major problem! I’m 90% sure my BFF likes him too. We’re all classmates! What should I do????
    I know you’re going to laugh or something but I like this guy SO MUCH that I even daydream about him! I feel like my friendship with my BFF is falling apart just because we like the same boy! BTW, my BFF doesn’t know I know that she likes him or that I like him :D

    • Morgan says:


      You need to talk to your BFF. Liking the same guy is hard, and I have a feeling if you talk to your friend all of your problems will be solved. That way you can both work together to keep your friendship and decide what to do about the guy.

      Hope I’ve helped,
      Morgan xx

  56. Isabelle says:

    Plz help Morgan! I think the problem’s going to get worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Lucy(M) says:

    Hey, the guy I like is in a higher grade, but we get along great. We are wonderful friends. I will say, that sometimes he shows signs of liking me. For example, he is always willing to talk, plays games with me, and he always sits by me in class. I just don’t how to get us to relationship. I feel like we would have a great chance and an awesome time. I just need to get there. Please help!

    • Morgan says:


      Thanks for your comment! My suggestion would just to say something to him. Get him alone and say, “Listen, I like you and I think we could make an awesome couple. How do you feel about our relationship?” and see where it goes from there.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  58. nathalia says:

    Morgan, I like a boy at school and I am pretty sure he likes me. How can I tell? should I wait and see if he will tell me?!? please help!!!!

    • nathalia says:

      BTW, Morgan, my BFF laughed when I told her. She said I’m crazy :(

    • Morgan says:


      Say something to him. Honestly, boys are clueless to our feelings, so by saying that you like him you’ll most likely prompt him to admit his feelings too.

      Hope I’ve helped!

      Morgan xx

  59. chloe stocker says:

    Morgan, i really like a boy in my class, but im too scared to tell him and show how i feel!!
    HELP ME, what do i do????!!!!

    • Morgan says:


      My advise is to get him alone and talk to him and ask him if he wants to get some food after school or something fun. Best way to do it!

      Hope I’ve helped!

      Morgan xx

      • chloe stocker says:

        Also my mum doesnt know, so i cant ask him that, im too scared to talk in front of his friends. They might think im weird or something!!
        Help me again!!
        From chloexx

        • Morgan says:


          The best way to do anything is just get him alone. There really isn’t much else I can tell you. And I would talk to your mum, she might have advice.

          Hope I’ve helped!

          Morgan xx

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